An ancient Italian story that begins in 1707, an era of aristocracy and royal families. The story of Musy is strongly linked to its territory and its historical pasts such as the House of Savoy and the city of Turin.


Musy has created famous pieces that are part of the history of Italian jewelry: such pieces are the tiara given to Margherita, the first Queen of Italy, by Umberto I; the tiara with the famous Savoy Knot for Queen Elena and the one made of pearls and diamonds created for the future Queen Maria José in 1904.
Today Musy provides its experience to service modern contemporary women. Indeed, royal noblewomen have always enjoyed a unique allure that defines them to be iconic for their style and elegance, it is no wonder that today royal ladies have become real influencers, establishing trends in terms of style and fashion.

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Today’s Musy collections are inspired by sentiment.
The maximum expression of romanticism is the tiara, a symbol of timeless sentimentality which has always characterized jewelry, which is revised by Musy in a more modern key.


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